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This isn’t about party politics. This is much
more important. 

On June 8, 2017 the nation went to the polls. It's estimated an incredible 54%+ of 18-24 year olds* turned out and voted. The outcome of the general election was a hung parliament which meant no political party had more than half of the MPs after the general election. In other words, the Conservatives won the largest number of MPs but didn’t secure a big enough majority to form a government that would work properly. In order to solve the problem, they formed a union - not quite a 'coalition' government, but a deal with a small political party allowing the Conservatives the majority to create a government. This deal was with the Democratic Unionist Party

Confused? Use Your Voice can help shine a light on the issues young people have around the democratic process. We do this through filmmaking, events, and the creation of a 'toolkit' that will help educate and inform you about democracy, voting - and wider political structures and terms. 


*(*source: Ipsos MORI)

*(*source: Ipsos MORI)